Photo of the Week
February 1, 2009 

I recently purchased an old photo album along with loose photo post cards which is one heck of nice collection of captured history.  In the collection, I found this wonderful capture of a shiny new and working hard 299.  Yes, this is the same 299 that was parked at the Balboa Train Station on display.  This photo is rather interesting as I am not sure of what has happened here.  Either there is another set of track behind the track seen, or 299 has gone off the track.  There are two men looking at the wheels and it seems 299 has a full head of steam blowing off with it's whistle, or other device.  There appears to be another locomotive that is off the track and setting on a downward incline to the rear of 299.  It must have been interesting with the day to day activities along the diggings when you had temporary track laid.  Derailments must have been a daily occurrence.

I will be posting other interesting photos from this collection as time permits. 

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