Photo of the Week
October 6, 2003

     This week's photo is a nice one that was sent to me by the Graphics Branch of the Panama Canal Authority a few months ago.  While in Panama in March of this year, I visited a display about water in the rotunda of the Administration Building in Balboa.  In the display was another photo similar to this one.  I took a few digital shots of the one on display, but has a slight hue to it.  I wrote and asked if I could get a better image and was sent the one above.  
     The Miraflores Water Plant has always been special to me as it was where my Dad worked for many years until his retirement.  It is quite a fascinating operation which has been in operation since the early days of the Canal.
Other points of interest in this photo are:

Follow the white path (sidewalk) on the little cleared off peninsula to the right of the water plant.  Almost hidden by the trees, is a white round area that this sidewalk connects to.  This is where our old Observatory once stood.  I am not sure what ever happened to it, but I can remember the nights we went out there to look into space.

Another interesting view is that of the Rio Grande River which the Miraflores Spillway and Power Plant discharge water into.  The Rio Grande River has much history with the beginning of the Canal.  Miraflores Lake and Locks along with Pedro Miguel Locks were basically built along the valley of the Rio Grande.  During  the construction days there was a dam and large reservoir near Contractor's Hill that held back the waters of the Rio Grande.  This served two purposes, the water was used as a fresh water supply and it controlled the flow of the Rio Grande.

     What a great photo!!  Long live the memories of the Canal Zone!

Photo by Authoridad Del Canal de Panama

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