Photo of the Week
January 24, 2016

A new case study started this past week when CZ Contributor Nina Brown sent me the above photo (no date legible).  She had questions as to what the little roof seen on the side of the Balboa Clubhouse was and what is the building across across Tavernilla  street was.  Nina said the little roof next to the clubhouse looked like it could be a church. I told Nina I had seen photos of this little building across the street on the lot that would eventually become a bank and thought the building was just left over from the original wooden buildings in Balboa before the construction of the concrete buildings. Well this let into my digging through a bunch of digital files and found some photos of interest.

Below are other angles and years.

1. 1914 photo showing both buildings (yellow arrows).  The one certainly looks like it could be a church.  No clubhouse yet.

2. 1916 photo still showing both buildings (yellow arrows) and a pretty much completed Balboa new construction.

3. Back to 1914 with a view from Ancon Hill (zoom in and cropped) showing these two buildings and sure enough, the one certainly looks like a church.  I have outlined the approx. location of where the clubhouse is going to go in yellow lines. 

No identification for the other little building across Tavernilla St. but certainly has the characteristics of an old French Construction building or early American Construction building.  Back in the wonderful days of talking to Kibby Bouche for hours on the phone, I think he told me what that building was, but cannot remember now. 

Questions are....does anyone know what this church or little building were?  How about the large building on Little Sosa in photo #3?

FYI, my cataract surgery on my right eye went wonderfully and can not only see much clearer, but brighter as well. Not that yellow color all the time.  My good friend and CZ Images contributor Vicente Pascual told me that I have looked at so many old sepia colored photos that my old eyes are seeing in sepia color instead of Technicolor.  Could be true.  Just like old photos that turn the yellow sepia color, old eye lens do too.  HA..  The left eye gets done in a couple of months.







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