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February 18, 2018

 I mentioned last week that I would be posting a couple more photos from Rick Cannon's photo album taken at the Corozal Swimming Pool.  This old swimming pool was filled in with dirt when PCC took over a portion of the old Army Corozal to build the town of Los Rios.  PCC made this a community play ground with swings, slides and other equipment.  The swimming pool deck was visible just as it was when it was a functioning swimming pool.  We kids always wondered why PCC filled it with dirt instead of leaving as a swimming pool.  We all had to catch a Chiva to Balboa to swim.  PCC later built a new pool next door when they built PCC Corozal.  The hill in the photo above is the same hill in last week's photo of the theater.  

Next photo below is another angle of the swimming pool looking at the diving board end of the pool.  You can see a couple of houses in the background.  I love how they have a light fixture strung up over the pool.  I'd hate to be in the pool if that ever fell in.

Thank you Rick for sharing this and the other wonderful photos.

I went on a search mission on-line and hit the mother load of some old aerials of Corozal that show this swimming pool.  See the old 1932 aerial below which has been declassified.  This is a zoom and crop from a much larger image.  I also found a 1940 Census map showing the swimming pool and YMCA building.  My father in law use to live in a modern Los Rios house right across the street until he retired.

At the far bottom is a screen capture from Google Earth showing this are today.  It is a bit eerie, but you can see an outline around the old filled in pool.

Another exciting adventure into history!!






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