Photo of the Week
November 2, 2014

As promised this week's photo is another scan out of the same 35mm slide presentation that we have been viewing the last few weeks,   There are several more great aerial photos that I will be posting in the coming weeks.  This week is a capture in time of Balboa, La Boca, La Boca Tank Farm, Rodman Docks, Balboa Docks (as we remember them), Thatcher Ferry Bridge and Quarry Hts.  This photo must have been taken post Just Cause as the Balboa Police Station is gone.  Also, we have all seen photos of Balboa from Ancon Hill, well this photo has the top of Ancon Hill showing in the very bottom of the photo.  You can see the flag on top of it.  This is a fine photo showing all this area. Note the roads through Balboa and the bridge are pretty much traffic free!!  That is not true anymore.

More from this slide presentation next week.


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