Photo of the Week
July 6, 2003

Here is something different this week.  While on my March trip to Panama, I visited the old movie theater in Gamboa.  I managed to get my digital camera's lens between the wires on the door of the old theater and came up with these.  It is just like a time capsule.  I sure wish I could have gone inside to get some better shots, but I am sure these two will bring back some good memories for Gamboadians.   I wonder if those chairs with the seats down were left from the last movie shown there?  This is 2003, and this place looks just like it did prior to 1979.  The old screen hangs in shreds from rot through the years.  I would hope someone jump in and help preserve this old piece of history and restore this building.  When I was there, the termites had many trials going up the walls downstairs.

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