Photo of the Week
January 30, 2011 

Well, back from a very nice time in Panama.  My wife and I had a wonderful vacation and now it is back to the daily grind in reality.

We stayed in the Panama Vacation Quarters at Quarry Hts. the last few days in Panama and had to opportunity to walk around the old housing area there in Quarry Hts. A majority of the old houses in Quarry Hts. were moved from construction towns like Culebra, Empire, etc.  Many of these old houses are still standing today and was a great treat to study a living piece of history.  The house in this photo hasn't been modified too much from it's original look during the Canal construction days.  Others in the area have been altered quite a bit.  I took this photo very early in the morning as the sun was coming up and misty air of Ancon Hill was a bit foggy.

More exiting photos to come in the next few weeks from the trip.

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