Photo of the Week
November 1, 2015

More photos sent to me by CZ Images contributor Paolo Sanfilippo for this week's photos.  While in the old town of Gatun, Paolo came across this old bomb shelter which was down from the ridge-line of the housing area in the valley (as I call it).  Many of these type of shelters were built in the Canal Zone during the WWII era.  I never ventured into one of them to see what was inside but looked impressive from outside.  Whether they could withstand a bomb, I don't know.  I have read that other shelters were built by residents in different communities and exercised air-raid drills.  I couldn't find anything about these type of shelters pictured above and below so if anyone knows some history behind them, please drop me line.

WOW... another great photo Paolo...thanks again for sending.




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