Photo of the Week
October 3, 2004 

     This week's photos are great trivia about The Chase Manhattan Bank in Colon.  I remember this bank from back in the '70s when I lived on the Atlantic Side.  The bank was located right across the street from the Masonic Temple building which was next to the Cristobal YMCA.  What is interesting and probably forgotten is that The Chase Manhattan Bank was originally in the Masonic Building on the ground floor before moving across the street.  The above photo was taken in the 1950's.
      Below is a photo of the original personnel  that worked at the Chase Bank when it was located in the Masonic Temple building in the early 1930's. 
      The Chase Manhattan Bank closed it's doors in  Panama after 85 years serving both American and Panama customers. The HSBC Bank USA bought the Chase operations in Panama.

These photos were provided by CZ Images contributor Allan Hawkins who worked 27  for Chase and his Father 40 years.  Allan told me that the photographer was Foto Masdeau and took both of them by order of The Chase Manhattan. At one time, Foto Masdeau was the only photographer in Colon city.

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