Photo of the Week
April 17, 2005 

     With continuation of the War Bond Drive, here is another photo from the same photo album I used on March 20th and last week's photo.  
     This week's photos in front of the Pedro Miguel YMCA/Clubhouse.  In the photo above you see a large cannon with one of the War Bond Drive participants.  To the left of the cannon and in the photo below, you can see cannon shells with "Liberty Bonds" printed on them.  This must have been a big day in old Pedro Miguel.
      In the top photo, you can see the Pedro Miguel YMCA (later clubhouse) that was moved from the construction town of Gorgona.  The building appears to be either in a bad need of a paint job or it is camouflaged because of the War.
      In the photo below, you can see the old tropical houses that were in Pedro Miguel at this time.  The large hill in the background in Cerro Luisa.

Another historical moment in the memories of the Panama Canal Zone.

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