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August 12, 2018

Continuing with the  Don Scheltmeyer's collection of 35mm slides again this week after our detour the last couple of weeks.  I have have posted a couple of Photos of the Week in the past pertaining to Queen Elisabeth II visit to Panama and the Canal Zone:

Posted 9/17/2017 -  Inspecting members of of the Caribbean Command at Cristobal piers (Click Here)
Posted 10/31/2010 - Receiving the Gold Collar of the Order of Manuel Amador Guerrero (Click Here)

Well the 1953 visits continues today with these historic images that Don took the morning of November 29, 1953 after Queen Elisabeth II had left the Cristobal pier and the inspection of Caribbean Command members.  This is the scene of the President of Panama, Jose Antonio Remon Cantera's motorcade departing Cristobal Docks with an excited crowd along the side of Terminal Street.  The photo above has an impressive showing of the Panama National Guard's motorcycle escort and then next photo down is the president's car with the President Ramon and Queen Elisabeth II riding in the back seat.  The queen has her fashionable umbrella shielding her from the Panama sun.  I don't know how Don got from the higher viewing advantage to the street level to snap the bottom up-close photo of the Queen, but he did.

We have been fortunate to have so many photos of the 1953 Queen Elisabeth II's visit to Panama here on the CZ Images website.



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