Photo of the Week
January 16, 2022

Another great image from the vintage 50 - 70s 35mm slides I have been scanning. 

This very rare photo was among the slides.  Here is the pastry counter in the Balboa Clubhouse.  I jumped for joy when I came across this image as it brought back fond memories.  In the large display case and to the bottom left are a dark brown pastry.  These were the famous "Sticky Bun" and the best cinnamon bun ever.  There was so much glaze put on them it made them very sticky, hence the name.  If you look off in the distance that area was the main serving area for the hot food.   At the hot meal serving line,  I would get in line to get French Fries and gravy or the famous clubhouse empanada.  They had two size empanadas.  They had the standard size about 6 inches for 10 cents and then the BIG empanada that would fill a dinner plate for 25 cents.  Now I am hungry..

 Those were the days.  I am so glad this photographer took this photo.


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