Photo of the Week
January 2, 2000

A friend brought me these Coke bottles from Panama over the holidays.  There  were four commemorative bottles produced by the Panama Coca Cola Bottling Company in celebration of the reversion of the Panama Canal.  I posted one of the first Coca Cola bottles produced in Paraiso Canal Zone a few weeks ago.  Now here is the last produced while there was still an American presence.  These four bottles are great for a Coke bottle collector and Panama Canal memorabilia nut.  Another unique thing about these bottles is that they are the smaller "nickel coke" size bottle that was stopped being produced some time ago.  Each bottle has a historic photo as part of the label.  I don't know how they did it, but the label is part of the bottle's glass.  Click the links below for a larger image of each bottle's photo and logo. The actually photos on the bottle are much better than the images following.

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