Photo of the Week
February 28, 1999

Road Side Stand.JPG (53663 bytes)

Thought I would switch to a Panama scene this week.  I found this post card last Monday at the Webster, Florida Flea Market.  Boy!!!  This photo sure makes me homesick.  My wife Margaret and I used to stop at these little road side stands all the time while in the interior.  We used to especially like to buy the fresh cut Guando.  You can see it hanging from the road side of the bohio roof.  Margaret was named "Juanita Guando" by some of our friends.  She used to shell of the Guando pods while sitting around at the beach all weekend.  There is nothing like a bowl of fresh Guando peas over coconut rice.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.   The interior is the true Panama.  I can't wait to return one day and head straight up to road to the interior, buy some Guando and shell them while sitting on the beach.  Foto Flatau FF-053

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