Photo of the Week
October 31, 2005 

      This week's photos are a couple of really great "today" photos that CZ Images contributor Ricardo Paz G., Locomotive Foreman,  Gatun Locks sent to me.   Ricardo took these two photos from a communications tower on the little hill next to the old Gatun Train Station's vehicular bridge.  The photo above shows Bolivar Highway that goes through most of Gatun until it merged into Jadwin towards Margarita.  The little black top road to the left is S. Lorenzo Place.  The short tower that is seen almost center foreground is where the old siren was or still is (I don't know).  Remember every Wednesday they would test the siren?  
      One thing that I think makes this photo extra exciting is you can clearly see the hill where the Gatun YMCA/Clubhouse was during the construction days.  Look in the middle of the photo and you can see the Gatun Dispensary with it's red tile roof.  To the right of the dispensary on that beautiful green hill is where the old YMCA/Clubhouse stood. 


      Although very green and hard to see,  the Third Locks is in the distance.  

      Below is another photo taken by Ricardo from the same tower.  This scene is another great shot that shows the area that used to be the Gatun Train Station.  It appears that they have made an asphalt trail where the old railroad bed was.  This historical portion of the Panama Railroad is now a recreation trail for biking, jogging or walking.  The Gatun Train Station is gone (see the large cement slab).  I see that Aids to Navigation building (red roof near the water) is still there.  The water of Gatun Lake sure looks nice!!! more Gatun people will remember the Gatun Gas Station which is the small metal roof building at the base of the bridge.  There is a bus ready to enter the drive through.  I guess the old pumps are still pumping.  I filled up many of times at this old gas station.

Thank you Ricardo for these great modern day photos..

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