Photo of the Week
June 13, 1999

View of Balboa High School under construction on November 13, 1941.  The college building is seen in the background. This is photo #66 out of a set of 74 photos documenting the entire construction sequence of BHS.  The set starts out with photos showing the making the long cement pilings that had to be driven deep into the ground to find bedrock.  Remember, BHS and all the other buildings in this are were built on filled swamp land.  (Read George Chevalier's story by clicking here). 

This collection of photos is a wonderful historical study.  I recently purchased this collection.  I am very fortunate to have them and will eventually donate them to the Panama Canal Museum.  I plan on scanning some of the set and make a presentation here on CZ Images later this year.  I know you will all enjoy it..

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