Photo of the Week
October 11,, 2020

This week we continue on with the Williams photo album with Ethel Otis appearing again, but this time with her husband Harry W. Otis on her right.  According to the book  Makers of the Panama Canal, Harry was a plumber in Gorgona.  He entered service in 1905.  The boy on Ethel's left is probably her son.  So we now know they had two daughters and a son.  The other two guys are Canal Zone Police of the day.  The policeman in the middle and with a mustache is John Williams.  John is where this photo album got it's name.  I was told that this album belonged to him when it was loaned to me to scan.  I mentioned before that this photo album was found in a garden shed in Central Florida and has taken a heck of a beating all these years.  This photo is in terrible shape with mold.  I tried cleaning it up but was a chore.  It is good enough to see the players in the photo.  Note that the boy is barefoot like the girl was last week. 

Below are the two Otis girls standing on the front patio of a store in Culebra which is shown in the album on the page before.  Note the Ice Cold Coca Cola Sold Here sign.  The one girl has a cup in her hand, maybe to put her coke in.

The bottom photo is one of my favorites showing five kids lined up for the photo.  Someone wrote on the album page "The Gang 1910".  You can recognize the Otis girl with the white bow in her hair.  The other kids are not identified.

More photos to come in the coming weeks.



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