Photo of the Week
September 12, 2021

This week we have a rare photo and a most memorable one.  One of the Chinese Gardens across from Morgan's Gardens was owned by Fong Sick who had a land license since the Canal Construction Days.  Our mother and father frequent the Chinese Gardens to purchase fresh fruits and veggies.  One hilarious story that dad told me was, that Fong Sick had a few Grackles (black birds that were all over in Panama) in a cage.  There were some GIs there one time when dad was there and he overheard the Chinaman telling the GIs that the birds were Myna Birds which are like Parrots and will mimic sounds and talking.  The Chinaman kept telling them, "oh....they talk very much ... talk very much" trying to entice the GIs to purchase them.  Dad got the biggest laugh out of this.  He came home and told us the story.

My brother Barry sent this photo in.  Thank you Barry for bringing back fond memories.


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