Photo of the Week
April 26,  2009 

This week's photo is from the same collection I recently acquired.  Like last week's photo, here is another observation tower.  After scanning a high resolution scan and panning all over the photo, I couldn't find any identification that shows where or what this tower was for.  There is a word or words carved into the top railing that says, "Learnest" or Lear Nest".  Could be referring to the Lear Macaw or maybe it is the name of the person who sat at the top of the tower all day.  There doesn't appear to be a roof on this tower like last week's photo.  The photographer cut the heads off the people sitting in the top of the tower in order to try and get everyone in the photo.  The photo is a bit washed out from shooting the camera at an object with a brightly lit background.  The photo shows all men and one woman.  It appears to be taken on a day off as everyone is well dressed and just clowning around.  The woman is a large woman and looks as if she could take care of  herself very well. She has a very mean look about her. HA!  There is a date printed on the photo that looks like 1-29-11.

Another great historical capture in time from the American Construction Days of the Panama Canal.

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