Photo of the Week
April 12, 2020

Following up with last week's water color print of Charles Lindbergh flying over the Gatun Locks, here is another of Lindberh and his wife Anne with the same Pan American Clipper in France Field, Canal Zone - September 29, 1929.  Charles and Anne were newly weds at the time.  They got married in June of 1929.  This photo came from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum website.  The caption for the photo is below:

Charles and Anne Lindbergh (center) with Betty and Juan Trippe (right) and Pan American Airways personnel by a PAA S-38 amphibian at France Field, Canal Zone (Panama), September 29, 1929. Charles and Anne used this or another S-38 for their aerial archeology flights over Mayan ruins in British Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. Image: From the National Air and Space Museum Archivesí Mother Tusch Collection

Happy Easter Everyone.  Now that our Lord has risen, may He take this curse of ours from the face of the earth.  Pray everyone.


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