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October 31, 2004  

All you old Curundu residents will love this old shot.  I recently acquired this old photo post card and as you can see, it is old.  The town of Curundu was built in the early 40's and this photo must have been one it's first.  It is post marked 1947 from Albrook Field Post Office.  Everything looks bright and new.  The building on your left is the commissary with the clubhouse on the right.  I remember in the late '60s the three houses shown on the same line as the commissary was known as "Scum Row".  Some wild parties took place on that street during those days.  Of course, all those wooden four families were torn down to make room for the new cement houses. The building that was the commissary became many other things through the years.  Those that I can remember are a teen club, Non Appropriated Fund shipping and receiving warehouse and last...the Music and Theater building for the Directorate of Community Activities. Note the all the old cars.

The note written on the back of this card by a Capt. Wright reads:

"The shopping center of our town.  Left is the commissary, right is restaurant, soda fountain and sort of general P.X.  Left foreground, not shown is stone post office line stone pillars of commissary.  Building from which picture was taken is theater.  Busses are available, on per hour for an eight minute ride to the other side of base.  Busses about every five minutes to Tivoli, just this side of Panama City."

Here are a couple other Curundu subject photo of the week pages in case you missed it when posted.    

Street View

More photos to come in the future.

Long live the history of our Panama Canal Zone!

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