Photo of the Week
May 31,  2009 

Here we go continuing with the people photo of the week series.  This is another photo from the Schultz collection. I haven't done any close study, but I am sure many of these guys are in the photos  that I posted the last couple of weeks.  Not much to tell about this photo, but it appears that this group of canal construction workers are on a vacation on Taboga Island as the caption reads, specifically on June 30, 1907.  While zooming in on the photo, I noticed that most of the men are wearing a round lapel pin.  I presume that his bunch belong to a fraternal order like the one in the past. The man sitting in the front row, all the way to the right has a package on his knee that reads "Red Band".  At first I thought this was the Red Man order, but I think the Red Band was some type of tobacco.  An interesting note, there is some type of water bird sitting on the porch railing.  It is out of focus because it moved, but it has duck type feet.  Could be a pelican.

I cannot imagine wearing this type of clothing in Panama.

Another great historical capture in time.  Another one next week.

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