Photo of the Week
October 25, 2015

Another photo sent to me by CZ Images contributor Paolo Sanfilippo for this week's photo.  When I saw this photo, I couldn't believe this building was still standing.  This building was one of four old bachelor quarters down on Light House Road in Gatun, close to the old Police Station.  The buildings were numbered 32, 33, 34, and 35.  This building is number 34.  I believe that these buildings were for local rate (Silver) employees that worked on the locks.  It is in the area which was a local rate sub-town of Gatun back in the day called Gatun Silver.  This old building has been around for a long time and could tell some real stories ... that is if it could talk.

Check out the photo of the week from September 2007 and you can view the large map towards the bottom of the page to see Gatun Silver's location (Click Here)

WOW... great photo Paolo...thanks again for sending.

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