Photo of the Week
May 3, 2015

When looking at Ancon Hill from Sosa Hill you could not imagine what Ancon Hill looked like back in the Canal Construction Days.  Well here a really great photo of Ancon Hill  and the Ancon Quarry when tons of rock was being removed to be used in locks construction.  Huge Bucyrus steam shovels are working the terraces just like they did in the Culebra Cut.  Rock would be blasted and then removed to flat cars and then to the crusher which is the big white superstructure in the middle of the photo.  Once crushed the gravel would be taken to wherever it was needed.  There are some area of Quarry Heights that still has the exposed rock cliffs that were left when the quarry was abandoned.  The steam locomotives, rolling stock and shovels made their way up the side of the hill with a series of switch-back terraces. Many of these terraces were used later to build the roads going up to Quarry Heights and Balboa Heights. Quarry Heights was built on the larger terrace/s. 

This photo appears to be taken from Little Sosa before the Balboa we knew was constructed. 



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