Photo of the Week
April 11, 2010 

Great new photos this week from CZ Images visitor and contributor Walter Brown.  He has been scanning photos from his Grandfather's collection of photos taken during the construction days of the Canal.  The two featured this week are taken at what I think is either the Cascadas or Empire roundhouse.  The men are posing on and in front of a piece of equipment that appears to be some type of boom.  

Walter writes in his email:

"My Grandfather was Walter Graham Brown and my Grandmother's name was Nannie Inez "Morrison" Brown. They came to Panama in July of 1906. My Grandfather and my Grandmother's father William F. Morrison were both railroad blacksmiths that came to Panama from Houston , Texas ."

My grandfather is shown on the second row third from the left from the viewer's perspective (photo above).

My grandfather is fourth from the left under the arrow from the viewer's perspective (photo below).

Walter has sent me several photos that I will be posting in the next few weeks.  Great stuff!!  

Thank you Walter for sharing your family photos.

Comment from CZ Images visitor Mike Plucker:

"Bill, the two photos of the week are pictures of the boom section of the steam dipper dredges, Gamboa, Cascades, Paraiso, etc. This is from the original time when there was only a single hoist wire of 3.5 in Diameter. Later the hoist wires were changed to 2 in, and a second wire was added. For your information."


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