Photo of the Week
July 17, 2016

I am sorry that I missed last week's photo posting as I was at the Annual Panama Canal Society Reunion and was out of commission this past week with fatigue. 

This week's photo is one I came across while digging in an old folder.  This is a real classic and have never seen it before.  As the caption states, this was the old Transportation Division's motor pool.  I believe this motor pool was once where the Ancon Gas Station would later be prior to being moved across the railroad tracks to the new location which was call the Motor Transportation Division (MTD) as we all knew it as.  This photo shows some great vintage vehicles that were part of the Panama Canal Company's fleet.  The sedans were probably used by higher ranking officials of the PCC as they are sharp looking, especially the first one in the line.  It is hard to read, but the shed on the right hand side of the photo is the maintenance shops.

Another old capture in time from back in the golden days of the Canal Zone.

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