Photo of the Week
June 13, 2010 

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's photo of the week.  As Reunion Coordinator for the Panama Canal Society, I have been up to my eyebrows in final preparations.  We are only 14 days away.

Today, I was sent over 30 great late 1800's photos that I have never seen before.  I will post this one this week which I think is a really great snapshot in time.  If you were a Amador Causeway person and remember the parking lot on Perico Island, this view of Naos Island was typical.  But as you see, there is no causeway and not coastal artillery fortifications.  I have always wanted some photos of these islands prior to the American Construction days.  Well here is a classic view from Perico Island looking at Naos Island.  Naos was an important port island in the early days.  Many seagoing vessels of the time tied up to the small piers on Naos.  You can see some of the commercial buildings on the island in this photo.  

I used to have a blast when the minus tides came to Panama as I used to hit the exposed beach right where these old vessels used to tie up.  There were many artifacts to be found including where some of these vessels sank.  I dug some really great old late 1800's bottles along this beach.  I am sure there is more relics still there.

I will post another photo from this collection next week and hopefully another during the reunion.  

God Speed for all those that are coming to the reunion next week.

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