Photo of the Week
February 5. 2006 

      This week's photo is a scanned image out of a USARSO "Welcome to Panama" pamphlet.  The photo is a little rough because of the old news print quality, but is a true classic!  I jumped for joy when I first saw this old photo while flipping through the pages of the pamphlet.  Boy does it bring back memories.  The photo was taken in front of the old Balboa Club House at the bus stop.  You can see the old wooden pillars of the club house's front awning where the girl is leaning and you can see the theater's marquee a little further down the side walk. I used to get off the bus here coming from Los Rios to go and swim at the Balboa Pool.  In fact, I used to ride these same old Chivas for a nickel.  In later years, we used to meet at the Balboa Club House and catch the Chiva to head downtown for some nightlife.   I remember the bus driver yelling Calle Jota when pulling up to the bus stop.
       Another blast from the Canal Zone's past.

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