Photo of the Week
March 1, 2015

This week we are back at the Pacific entrance to the Canal with another photo sent to me by Ken Hirsch from the early 1970's.  This photo was taken from Ancon Hill looking north showing what the Canal Zone was like back then.  Albrook was the Albrook we all remember and the Little League ball parks are all still in full swing below the Admin. Building.  The old PRR rolling stock yard near Section I was still operational.  The town of Cocoli can be seen across the Canal on the West Bank.  Nice capture in time.

After Ken sent me this photo, I remembered that I had taken some photos from Ancon Hill when I visited Panama back in 2008.  The photo I took below is almost the same view, but a bid zoomed in more.  Oh how it has changed!!  Goodbye Little League and the Canal Zone we knew for so many years.

Long live our memories of our home.


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