Photo of the Week
January 17, 2021

This week we are moving on to another fantastic personal photo album that belonged to a Robert Bodle who was in Panama during the construction of the U.S. Canal.  It appears in several of the photos that Robert worked for the Supply Department in the Storehouse.  I will post photos of these Storehouses as we go on.  It seems that Robert was another camera buff like A.G. Bedell who we studied for a few weeks. Robert made his way all around Panama and the Canal Zone taking photos.  All these images that I will be posting, I scanned from rather large negatives that are in a negative box from back in the day.  Because these are scans from negatives, most of the images are nice and clear as is evident in the image above.  In the above photo, Robert is inside a steam shovel bucket to show the size.  This bucket appears to be from a smaller steam shovel which would make it a 2.5 yard bucket.  It is apparently out of service.  The photo below shows Robert sitting at the base of a large Quipo tree.  These trees are so magnificent.  

More to come.

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