Photo of the Week
March 24, 2024

Another super photo from my brother  Barry's collection.  This was taken in 1963 and has lots of great subject matter.  First, the Thatcher Ferry Bridge has been recently finished and nice and shiny.  The bridge is so new that the ferry slips are still in operation and can be seen on both sides of the Canal.  The Balboa Yacht Club and the Taboga Islands seen in the near and far distance.  I think the most important things in this photo are Dock 6 and Dock 4, which were bunkering or fueling docks where our Dad worked for several years.  In fact he might be there on the dock when this photo was taken. The year is right for him still working there.  What a wonderful old capture in time.  Thank you for sending in Barry.

Happy Holy Week, our Lord rises soon.


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