Photo of the Week
January 31, 1999

BiCenLoco1a.JPG (45390 bytes)

Here is a really good photo of a Locks Locomotive all dressed up for America's  Bicentennial. The Panama Canal went all out painting things to commemorate the 200th Birthday of our great nation.   They painted trains, rolling stock, fire hydrants, garbage cans and more.   This picture was taken by my friend Mike Norman, who assisted in the painting of this locomotive.  He told me that this was an unauthorized paint job.  As Mike says, "We got into BIG TROUBLE over this shenanigan!  They allowed it to stay for about 2 months and the "culprits" had to clean it all off on their own time.   IT WAS WORTH IT!".  I wonder how many other red, white and blue paint jobs across the isthmus were not authorized?  HA!!!  I love this stuff....

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