Photo of the Week
September 4, 2011

great photo from the Fred and Lilian Ramsey collection that was sent to me by Richard Crowe who is Fred Ramsey's Great Nephew. 

This week's photos are from a portion of the photo album called "Outing to Beach".  Many have seen similar photos of the old Taboga Sanitarium but these two were evidently taken by Lilian with Fred in both photos.  Above in a row boat and below walking a trail behind the building.  I have seen similar photos like the above, but not a side view as shown below.  

At this point in time 1906 the Sanitarium was now owned by the Isthmian Canal Commission.  The property was transferred from the French Canal Company to the Americans in 1904.  The Sanitarium was later made into a hotel and other uses. There is an interesting history that I found on the Internet in regards to this grand old building. Check it out by clicking here.

As always...super great photos and captures in time.

Many more great photos at Taboga in  the weeks to come.


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