Photo of the Week
May 28, 2001

  I am using one of Art Mokray's photos this week.  I found this photo to be so much like the old days back home.  Look at this photo and think back.  It looks like it popped out of a time capsule.  This photo was taken during this past Easter week and is of Buena Vista Place in Gatun. This is  house 134 on Santa Rita Court.  I guess this area of Gatun has been pretty much left alone.  The Grounds Maintenance Branch garbage cans are still along the road as always and the beautiful Bougainvillea plants are blooming nicely.  A typical Canal Zone street!

This duplex appears to have undergone the post treaty renovations that took place in Gamboa and Gatun.  When PCC couldn't fill all the houses, they allowed people to occupy both sides of the duplexes.  The separator wall between entrance doors has been removed and am sure if you stepped inside, the wall between apartments is gone too.  PCC also replaced all the old louvered glass windows with solid pane windows as seen in this photo.

Wish I was strolling down this street right now and it was twenty or thirty years ago. 

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