Photo of the Week
August 18,  2002

   Fishing at it's finest!  This group back in early Canal Zone days (probably late 19teens or very early 1920s) are fishing off the Gatun Spillway apron.  This has been a favorite fishing spot for just about the entire life of the Canal Zone as we knew it.  Many a Zonian fisher person has spent many hours here casting a line for either Snook or Tarpon.  I have spent many hours there myself.  You just had to be aware if and when spilling increased or you would end up in Fort San Lorenzo!  This photo must have been taken on a very quite spill day as we have two brave fisherman out on the apron. Family and friends are hanging out on the shore to see what will be caught and hoping for a good catch for the fish fry.

Speaking of the fish fry!!  The picture below is probably the same group of folks that you see here in the photo and it is apparent that they indeed had a fish fry.  I would almost say that this was the early days of the Gatun Tarpon Club which sat upon the hill next to the spillway.  This group of early Canal Zone anglers seem to be content after a major pig out at this long table.  From the conditions of the plates and glasses, this meal is done.  A couple of the men proudly show their fishing poles.  The first gentleman on the right is showing off his reel cradled in his arm.  There is a sign above the first door on the right that says, "Gentlemen, Ladies are Present".  The cook is down the line a bit with his cook's hat on.

Once again, it doesn't get any better than this!!!  What a great set of pictures telling a story of our Canal Zone history!  

These photos are from the private collection of CZ Images contributor Ken Tully. The pictures belonged to his paternal grandfather Willard Parker Tuley, who was on the Canal Zone Police during the construction period. Ken is not sure exactly how long he served down there, but he did find his name at the museum in the database of Franklin medal recipients, listed as having received the medal and first bar, so we can assume he was there more than 4 years but less than 6.

When time permits, I plan on posting Willard Parker Tuley's complete photo collection.  There is some other real gems.

Long live the memories of our Canal Zone home!

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