Photo of the Week
November 27, 2022

Wow....what a crazy 5 days it has been.  Not finding time to post this photo of the week is a first in a while.  This is the time of year that everything is crazy busy and it has just started.  I wanted to post this photo as it is Thanksgiving weekend and wouldn't mean much as time passes.  This priceless photo is part of the Panama Canal Museum Collection at the University of Florida.  It was donated to the collection by Barbara Daniels and that is all I know.  It may be family from back in 1909 in Panama during the construction days of the Canal.  The back of the photo has writing stating the date and that the photo only has half the table shown.  There were 11 people there that day sitting at the table.  I wonder if that is a wild turkey?  It is pretty good size.  The child sitting on the man's lap appears to be a local.

It is good to see the Canal diggers had good Thanksgiving dinners. 

Long live our Canal Zone history.


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