Photo of the Week
May 1, 2005 

      I recently came across this image of a color painting showing a magnificent view of Culebra Cut being dug.  I have read in many books that there were many colors of clay, mud, dirt and rock in the Culebra Cut during the excavation days.  This old painting surely proves this.  It appears in the image you are looking north from the Contractor Hill area.  Hard to tell since the artist may have added a few hills, or it is so early in the excavation days, I do not recognize the terrain.

This image came from an old Scribner's magazine.

Viewer's Comment:

You will probably get a lot of messages about your current photo of the week . . . but, here goes mine:  that lovely image is one of four murals in/on the rotunda of the Admin. Bldg.  The artist, William B. Ingen, was well known, having painted murals in, among other places, the Philadelphia Mint and the U.S. Library of Congress.
Thanks for your site.  I really enjoy the content and look forward each week to see what the next picture will be.
Cordially, Jane Jennison-Williams (BHS '55)

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