Photo of the Week
February 25, 2001

Okay....this "Photo of the Week" is dedicated to Catsy Taylor.  Catsy has been one of my best subscribers for a long time.  She always sends me a comment about this or that pertaining to the "Photo of the Week".  Last week I posted the great shot taken from the hill to the left of the Royal Poinciana on the right in this photo.  Catsy wrote to me and said, "Do you remember those beautiful trees just at the base of the hill and to the right of the photo of the week?"  Well here are those beautiful trees. They are Royal Poinciana trees and they graced the entrance way to St. Mary's Church. I am not sure whether they are still there today.

Another great old photo from the "Golden Days" of the Canal Zone.  May we never forget our Canal Zone heritage!

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