Photo of the Week
August 26, 2007 

This week's photo is a more recent photo that CZ Images contributor Bill Fall took on his trip to Panama this year.  The photo was taken from Ancon Hill, looking towards Sosa Hill.  This is a really great photo of what this area looks like today.  There are several interesting things in this photo.  Of course, the Balboa Dock area is now completely changed as a container port, but look at Sosa Hill.  The tree planting that Boy Scouts and others did over the years finally made a difference.  The old rock is turning back into jungle.  Also I found it interesting that it appears that a pole roof was built over the Balboa Club House.  I am not sure if they use this for open air functions / parties or what.  I didn't notice this when I was in Panama this past January.  I zoomed into the original photo that Bill sent me and you can see that this is a separate roof than that of the club house roof.  Maybe a CZ Images visitor can elaborate on what happened here.  The old Commissary, Theater and House wares buildings are still there, being used by the ACP.

Thanks for this really nice photo Bill...


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