Photo of the Week
December 5, 2021

Back on August 21 of this year, I posted a photo of the Motor Transportation Division in Ancon.  Well I found this photo from a 35mm slide showing the entrance of the compound.  This photo is 1970s vintage and brings back so many memories.  This was the place to go for recap tires, batteries and the annual automobile inspection to get your new tag and decal.   I had a few friends that worked there.

I was fortunate to get a rather large collection of 35mm slides on loan and have been scanning part of the day today.  There are probably a few thousand slides in this collection, so I am going to be busy.  There are many really good photos in the hundred I went through today.  It appears that the photographer was focusing on documenting as many things that would be gone after the treaty and so far I see he/she did a great job.  I will be posting some of these images as time permits.


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