Photo of the Week
June 15, 2014

Here is another interesting photo from the Franklin Sleighter collection.  I am sure the Curundu people will get a kick out of this photo.  Shown above is a house with a sign on it stating "Skunk Hollow Dwelling of Forgotten Men".  Below is a zoom-in of the sign.  I have some  other Curundu photos from this collection that I will post next week along with more historical facts about the town.

Here is a excerpt from the Spring 1972 issue of The Panama Canal Review article by Willie K. Friar - What' In a Name?

Along with Rainbow City and Los Rios, Curundu got its name by popular vote.   The area now known as Curundu was once called Skunk Hollow. But some residents decided that it should be changed and suggested Jungle Glen as a more fitting name. Others were for keeping the name of Skunk Hollow. An editorial in The Star & Herald of March 18, 1943, was in favor of retaining the name stating: "Friends of tradition and Skunk Hollow need to arouse themselves if they want to save the name. They deserve encouragement. This world tends to become a dreary and orthodox place. Whatever piquancy and humor is inherent in the name of Skunk Hollow should be preserved for the coming generations. They, to whom the old place has the associations of home and friends, cling to the old name. They might agree that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but not Skunk Hollow."

A letter to the Panama American urged compromise. The writer said: "We do not suggest that the warring factions compromise by agreeing to such a name as Jungle Hollow, although something might be said for such a name. But we see no reason why everyone could not at once agree to the adoption of the name Skunk Glen. This would retain the saltiness of the original name and would preserve the memories of the oldtimers. At the same time it would constitute a decided concession to the aesthetes. Let's make it Skunk Glen and return to the business of winning the war."

The problem was solved by ballot and a headline announced the result, "Skunk Glenners Vote Overwhelmingly for Name Curundu." Curundu was the name of the little river nearby. It is a historic name, which has been spelled a variety of ways, but the exact meaning is not known.


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