Photo of the Week
July 5, 2020

After last week's detour, we will finis up the photograph of the four movers and shakers that I posted a few weeks ago.  This week we have the fourth and last man in the photo.  This is Engineer Randolph Earl Snediker who began his service with the Canal in 1910.  I couldn't find a whole bunch of information about him but being in the presence of Hallen, Claybourn and Butters, he was up in the ranks of mover and shaker.  I found in one of the Society of the Chagres yearbooks that Snediker's title was Construction and Engineering Forman and retired after lengthy service with the Canal.  He moved to Columbia after retirement and then to Jacksonville, Florida in 1953.  He died on February 27, 1966.  He was suvived by his wife Mrs. Ana Zuleta Snediker and two daughters.

Snediker was a Roosevelt Medal recipient - Medal # 1928 - Bar 1 #1678, Bar 2 #803, Bar 3 #544

Next week we will have yet another group photo of movers and shakers of the Canal construction days and the Society of the Chagres story.


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