Photo of the Week
August 15, 2004 

     Oh Boy...Another fantastic photo of our past!!  This photo is a grand photo taken in front of the Panama Train Station during the 1924 Carnival along Avenida Central.  I love this photo so much.  I have always been very partial to the "Flapper" era.  This photo is priceless.   The clock on the old station reads 6:30.  It must be broken as this parade would be in the Panama dark skies at 6:30.
     The Queen must be telling the girls below something.  They are all looking at her.  The thing that is interesting is that these girls are Panamanian. Not American Flappers.  This is Panama in the mid 1920's!!!  This is so great!
      Carol Kohler is the CZ Images contributor of this photo.  Carol's Dad served at Fort Clayton in the '20s.  Carol has sent me many other great photos I will post soon.

Long live our memories like this!!!

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