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March 22, 2015

After last week's photo from Sosa showing a DC-3 or C-47 (Airforce for DC-3), CZ Images visitor and now contributor Marvin Hughey sent these photos in to me that have a string to last week's photo.  I love when these things happen.  As I have said before, one photo will lead into another similar subject.  I am going to insert Marvin's comments about these two photos for background:

Hello Bill, my name is Marvin Hughey and I want to tell you how much I enjoy your web site. I look forward to seeing it every week to check out your latest photo of the week.  Last week you posted two great pictures that your father took from the top of Sosa Hill in the early 50's.  In his photos he captured a great picture of an Air Force C-47 on final approach into Albrook.  This brought back great memories my living at Albrook.  My father was a pilot and flew many, many flights in this type of air plane which was affectionately referred to by those who flew them as "Gooney Birds".   We were stationed at Albrook during the early 50's, 1951 to 1955 and this could have been flown by my father, of course they had at least 10 of these aircraft and a lot of pilots that flew them.  My Dad also flew a B-26 while stationed there and this type of aircraft was used for various types of missions mainly photo reconnaissance. I remember him telling me that the government carried out photo surveillance on numerous areas in Panama, of course he never told me what they were monitoring and where.  With all this said, I have attached two photos that I think you might like and undoubtedly the only ones in existence.  Only one is of any significance and the other is just in reference.  Occasionally when he was flying these photo missions and when completed they would at times to do a little sightseeing and taking photos of interest and occasionally he would bring some of these home.  I'm sure they just classified these as equipment testing.  The one of any significance was taken on returning to Albrook on final approach looking down at the administration building with all of material required for the construction of the Goethals Memorial laid out awaiting to be built.  The other picture is of the aircraft being pre-flighted and fueled prior to take off, my father is standing to the left of the fuel truck and facing the aircraft.  You will notice that this aircraft was fitted with a Plexiglas nose where the photo equipment and operator would sit (bombardier position during the war). Hope my rambling on did not bore you, and maybe the photo will be of some interest to you.  

Take care and keep up the great work, one of your thankful fans  


Thank you so much Marvin for sending in these wonderful old captures in time.

Next week, more photos my dad took from Sosa to complete the rotation around the hill.


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