Photo of the Week
June 13, 2004 

I had many memories come alive this week when I found this this week's photo in the November 6, 1959 Panama Canal Review.  It is a great photo of the Balboa Club House or as referred to in the following article Balboa Service Center.  I remember purchasing baseball card bubble gum here and records in the back.

The article that is with the photo reads:

Completion of a modernized merchandise section at the Balboa Service Center last month now provides a seven-day a week, "States drug-store type" facility for Pacific Siders.

The merchandise section has been relocated to the right of the building entrance. The entire area now has fluorescent lighting. Considerable additional space was also provided for the merchandise storeroom. New shelves and display cases allow room for a wide assortment of drugs, cosmetics, stationery (including a large variety of greeting cards of all types), records and other sales items. Six more States-built phonograph record display racks are on order and will be installed when they arrive. Future plans call for the air-conditioning of the record sales section.

The office of the Service Center Manager, formerly in one corner of the first floor, has been moved to a more central location, for the convenience of both customers and manager.

The merchandise section is to be open seven days a week, until 10 p.m.

Long live the memories of the Canal Zone!!

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