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January 22, 2017

We are continuing with our study of the Red, White and Blue Troupe of the Canal Zone this week. Here is a photo of 12 year old Joyce Halderman at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. July 29, 1926.  Members of the Troupe were traveling and doing their famous exhibition of swimming, diving and lifesaving.  Joyce is shown here all tied up and walking the plank.  Troupe members were taught how to survive in situations like this.  I am sure that the audience was taken back when they saw  this young girl being tied up.  I have seen another simular photo of a young troupe member on this same tour but different location tied up with chains.  Yikes these water bugs were something else.  The furry friend behind Joyce is a long-haired dachshund named Oscar.  Not sure what his part is, but a nice addition to the act.

From the Panama Canal Society Canal Record I found Joyce's obituary:

Joyce Catherine (Haldeman) Collinge, 97, died October 4, 2011 in Fort Myers, Fla. She was born in the Canal Zone, graduated from Balboa High School in 1931, and was a member of the Red, White and Blue Troupe. She spent her entire life on the Pacific side and when she left in 1961 she was working at Caribbean Command Headquarters in Quarry Heights. She was a member of the Panama Canal Society.

It seems like every obit I come across of a troupe member, they lived long lives.  I guess they stayed in shape for years to come with this strength training they started when they were young. 

I haven't forgotten Lona Rathbone that I posted a couple of weeks ago.  Several CZImages visitors and contributors have been coming up with lots of stuff about Lona, but I am going to wait till I have a more complete research package done.  Once it is done I will be posting..."the rest of the story".


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