El Camino Real -The King's Highway
From Nombre Dios to Panama City
Photos by Bob Gray
Submitted by Doug Allen


The photos above were taken in the dried up basin of Madden Lake. I mentioned before on the "Early Days" page that I found some of those items along the Camino Real in Madden Lake. Well here it is. At least what is left of it. Close your eyes and imagine this stone trail making it's way through the dense Panama jungle. Large lines of Burritos hauling hundreds of pounds of gold, silver and supplies from coast to coast. When Madden Lake was flooded by damming the Chagres River, this jungle was submerged under water. Note the few old tree trunks in the distance. The rocks look white, because of the dried moss now that the lake has subsided and left the rocks high and dry. When you are out in this area during times like this, you can feel the ghosts of history past all around you. Prior to the Spanish in this area, Indians populated this area for thousands of years. This is very evident with all the arrow heads that can be found. What a fantastic place.

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