Canal Zone License Plates


License plate used on the C.Z. Governor's car.


The 78 plate with a T was for a trailer. The 78 plate with the orange 79 sticker was the last license plate made by the Canal Zone Government. They just issued a sticker in 79. The 80 plate is probably one of a kind. I found this on a old military truck that was used by Morale Welfare and Recreation. Evidently the CZG issued the military a plate that was good for several years at a time. This on expired in 1980. The Canal Zone ceased to exist in 79. I stuck a couple of wild cards in here too. Note the 90 Panama plate "Paz Y Justicia". Noriega was gone! The 75 Panama plate was issued to Americans living out of the CZ area. The number 10 preceding the number was for the CZ. I guess they considered the CZ as the 10th province of Panama. The "Zonian" plate was a custom job that some guy was doing. He must have gotten the old CZ equipment. Note the 79. There were no 79 plates made. I was sure I had some of the older black and yellow ones as well. I will scan them and post them when I find them.


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