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This is a very interesting relic that was found on Gorgona Island in Gatun Lake.  It is made of lead and has two metal wires going through it.  It looks very much like a seal used in shipping.  Like big tractor trailers today, shippers use a seal to show the receiver that the cargo hasn't been disturbed.  This seal was probably used in the shipping of some thing from Aspinwall (Colon today) to someone in Gorgona back in mid 1800's after the Panama Railroad was in operation.  Colon was named Aspinwall after William H. Aspinwall who conceived the idea of building a railroad across the Isthmus.  Associated with him in the enterprise was Henry Chauncey, capitalist of New York, and John Loyd Stephens, an explorer and engineer.  They obtained from the government of New Granada (Columbia) a contract and concession for the proposed road, which was completed in 1855. 

This relic is probably one of a kind and is about the size of a nickel.


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