Herb Tabert The Herbert Tabert Jr.


At the Panama Canal Society's Annual Reunion, I had the pleasure of meeting Herb Tabert.  Herb was a Gamboa boy. I had talked with him via email prior to the Reunion and he told me he would bring some of his keepsakes and memorabilia from the Canal Zone.  He has more stuff, but this is some of what he brought with him.  I am sure you will enjoy these images. Herb also has a very large collection of books about the Canal Zone and Panama.


Old Photos of Gamboa

Here is a collection of very vintage black and white photos of the construction and pre construction days of Gamboa
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Gamboa 1 Gamboa 2 Gamboa 3 Gamboa 4
Gamboa 5 Gamboa 6 Gamboa 7 Gamboa 8


Gamboa Flag Raising Ceremony

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Gamboa Little Theater Guild
"Crazy House"

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Boy Scouting

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Miscellaneous Things

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